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I don’t understand when you look at me that way, but no words spill out of your mouth, when I’m sure there is something you wish to say.

What is it that makes you turn and look away? To my horror you regretfully pull away.

If I asked you to describe me I wonder what on earth you’d say?

Would you say I’m daring, deranged and exquisitely, madly insane?

Would you say I’m one of those girls full of the most evil kind of pain?

Would you tell all how I seem to be, forever running away? Lost in the darkness, caught in self blame.

Sometimes I wonder what exactly you’d say, but I think no matter, I’m sure I’ll find out someday. Maybe after I’ve been through some more terrible pain, but this is life after all a treacherous unplanned game.

N.T.J 31/12/2016©