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You are a product of your own life.

The road you’re at, you have got yourself there by your own demise.

This is way you choose to live your life.

I wouldn’t say the road is where you’re at; being the subject of this poem;

It would only be an observation to say the gutter fits you better.

It’s not that I want to sound sour.


I don’t need to say the tables have turned,

You haven’t looked me in the eye since it happened,

Almost 7 years ago.

Does it make you churn to see?

I have risen above everything; I have been labelled to be.


I want you to be happy, to show to fight for your life and mind;

Will be worthwhile, you have to taste despair first,

To value your own smile.


Life is what you make it,

If you break it: it will end.

Life is not a thing, that you should try to bend.

Only you can help yourself, to mend.

Now you know though how I felt;

When I was way down in my descent.


N.T.J 05/10/16