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My mind is ticking, unravelling, further, all the time,

with this uneasiness a putrid rhyme…

I remember the time I said to you,

Five years ago,  that:

‘I couldn’t cope’

And you, you acted like the pope,

holier than thou,

lordin it all about,

No one would ever let me forget,

we’re way past numbers on tears i’ve wept.

You were always quick to slate me,

make sure I was well and truly hated.

I’d never do that to you,

take now as an example,

our daughters 9 years old,

the tables now have turned,

I’m the one that’s stronger,

and you,

you demonstrate

‘You cannot cope’

I still can’t believe you uttered those words,

when I said that to you,

Five years ago,

you said,

‘Your a terrible mum.’

So what is it that I now say to you?

Five years on, started my life a new,

against all those backstabbers, haters,

people just like you, filled with the same words of you,

my family my true friends, helped me to make it through,

So now I have to say it too you,

even though you don’t deserve me too,

after all the hating you have put me through,

but still I wouldn’t judge you.

True friends are the ones, that will stand beside you,

but also remember, you have to love yourself too.

Love your baby, she should be your rock,

the one you live life for,

She spreads beauty & love,

watch her grow up, round the clock,

don’t shut her out with your mental block,

you don’t need me too tell you,

if you don’t sort your shit out,

it will totally be,

your own loss.