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Sunday nights, always filled with pain,

One day I will have broken that chain,

That’ll be the day,

When she comes home to be here with her mother again.

I know that I am the one to blame,

myself being particularly insane,

definitely not one of those plain Janes.

Some times i want to run off,

jump on the first available train,

but thats running away,

running away again.

I might say i need a break,

but i still have to come home and face it in the end.

Its hard because you feel like, on this day you need a friend,

but its all impossible to mend,

And on no one you can depend,

This is what happens to me at the end of the weekend.

So what would you reccommend?

I understand people don’t want to say what they think,

out of fear it will offend.

N.T.J 09/05/2016©