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At a place in my mind now, where I am somewhat lost,

Looking for direction, racing against the clock.

I’m out here searching for something, but i’m not sure what that is,

the colours of my heart like the seasons gone from winter through to spring,

blossoming the beauty of summer pulls me in.

The thing is there’s this dark cloud that lives here in my head,

it casts over every now and then and fills me with a sort of dread.

The question and the answers I seek to know, to what to find,

there has to be something out there, not just my mind mixed up in rhyme.

if I let this new found light in to dance upon my heart,

will the seasons of our love show me I have a lion heart,

is it time to make a fresh start?

Or like in the autumn when the trees shed their leaves will we fall apart?

N.T.J 02/08/16©