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I lost myself in a place,

Dark and dank,

Where the thoughts in my head,

Scream at me,

‘You skank, you’re rank.’

Marked by your brush,

Scarred by your touch,

Brutally ripped apart by a heavy weight,

Trod on and spat out,

These are the stages.

Lost entirely who I was,

Who was I?

Stuck in a hole, adjusting,

Having to re-learn,

There’s no way from my mind,

The bad thoughts have been purged,

It’s still there, always,

I don’t think it matters really,

How much time goes by.

After a long time,

What felt like forever spent waiting around.

I found myself lost and upside down.

But I realise now that over this time,

I have reached a new-found depth within my mind,

Gone deeper within myself than I had ever ventured before.

So now I’m roaming because I love to explore,

that the thing about life there’s always something more.

N.T.J 01/09/2016©