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Wanting to write something, from my mind,

but everything is a mixed up rhyme.

Its thinking over many past times,

memories of, how many lies,

What was done in despite,

and what caused this a cursed half-life?

It’s not easy to forget,

Sometimes I feel I’m just a silhouette,

a ghost of who I am,

not the person I had ever planned to turn out,

venturing further into no mans land.

And in that hollow peaceless land,

I stumbled across a music stand,

so then I felt like listening to a jazz band,

but there was no one around, so instead I took the stand,

everything has gotten out of hand,

gone off to my own piece of land,

maybe I go there to understand,

but after all, this is what happens when you take a strong stand,

you come out of it all, made of your own brand,

obviously its all unplanned,

but pain you’ve proof, you can withstand,

on the other hand,

you are a mess,

chaotic but blunt,


caught in distress.