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I am just waiting for you to raise your brow,
Time once again for another row,
And I, I am scared,

Of the light, the fright,
What happened to you, us and I?
Is what you’re saying true and right in fact?

It’s definitely not, maybe you should trek,

Back along the broken, beaten track.

I’m the one that gets the blame, the shame,

Don’t want to tell anyone, my real name.
That’s the truth and, I wonder what you would do in my shoes?
Would you cut me loose, really from the hang man’s noose?

I know you won’t, baiting and bashing me about,

I know you and your games,

It’s just a trap to win me around,

Or turn it round,

Make me look like a crazy fool but,

You know deep down that is you.

I’m not mad, crazy, nuts or insane, that’s what abuse does.

Don’t you know that?

It made it feel like every day with you I, was being slain.

Even though I’m not the beast,

I’m the woman who, fell at your feet,

To love you, stick by your side,

Supported you always, helped you get by.

And what is it you did to me?

Did you help me at all?


Is that what you call love and support?

When your poisonous actions & words,

have destroyed all of my hopes and dreams.

You took away my Inner Peace.

I had to piece it all back together,

Do you know how hard it was, just to be me?

Too see past everything you have put there,

Inside of me.

No you don’t know how it feels!

You don’t have a clue!

How I had to claw back myself after,

I never expected to be reduced because of you.

I’m not worthless, I know now I’m not

But I know now for sure you’re,

Not true loves knot!!