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If you cut out all the bad bits, that are occupying your head,

You wont be you anymore, you’ll be some one else instead.

Eventually the hurt and pain,

Will progressively make you strong again.

It’s not that you get used to it

But this knowledge will be useful to you,

It will help to break the chains.

It would be wasteful to let it go,

It will help you on your journey,

To learn from lessons of before.

It doesn’t mean that your the same person,

Or that you cannot change,

But to forgive yourself,

Is the answer to a lot of the hurt & pain,

It will help, get you up, on out, on your way.

If you lock up all your memories, of the things that are haunting you,

You wont be able to get rid of them,

That’s why you have to free them,

Or for years and years it will fester on, feeding on your mind.

Unlocking all the thoughts, is what you need to do,

You have to let them out,

Release them and let them totally consume you,

Not going to lie, it will hurt, but it will be worth the pain in the end.

Eventually you will accept, there is nothing you can do about it,

life has to start again,

And learning from this pain will make you strong in a million new found ways.

So whoever said it is, the way that, a person cannot change,

in my opinion that person is, totally deranged.

N.T.J 05/05/2016©