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A Half life is what a Person is forced to live,

When they have got so lost,

Madly in their own terrorising sins,

There is no way back,

Some things are not so simple to forgive.

A Half life is what happens when,

Some major cog in your life has gone missing,

So the wheel won’t turn,

but this is life and the half life must still,

live on.

A half life is not being able to experience love,

To the half life it is the most dangerous drug.

Because Love,

Has crushed your mind, so many times,

To experience love,

Scares the Half life.

A Person that leads this kind of Half Life,

Can’t experience real happiness and joy,

Because the thing that completes them,

The missing part,

The feeling it brings, drains the heart,

The cogs won’t turn,

The wheel won’t spin,

The Half life can only grow,

From what’s within.

N.T.J 28/08/2016©