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Do you want to become me? Get up in my head?

If you new me well enough, you’d only, have had to have said.

Well at this current moment, I’m sat up in my bed,

Munching on a sandwich in my right hand,

My left is the home of my pen, I like to tap it on and off with the clicky bit at the end…

So I invite you on a journey, come inside my head.

C’mon it will be fun, but be careful, watch how you tread,

Please be aware, you might run out screaming,

once you step into the depths.

So what is going on? In my messed up mind,

the spider web of thoughts is tightly spun behind.

What’s that? He said, I can see it in the distance over there,

I replied, Yes that’s the fire, its on its way through here.

So tell me are you enjoying your little journey into the abyss

thus far?

I told you before you came inside, this mind is very dark.

It will be difficult for you to see, you will have to find those random lights that spark,

Be careful though, they tend to cause people a bad case of electric shock.

You wont be able to define me, I’m confusing for people to understand,

If you could, You know you would actually be helping me out,

Maybe then I would be able to sleep at 2am,

Instead of tapping on and off my pen,

But obviously that, I very much doubt

The mind is always, way too loud.

N.T.J 28/04/16©