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There’s still art in my heart, I’m not totally a lost cause,

well of course, being a writer, means I come with a lot of flaws,

that could mean that maybe, I could be an interesting person,

if you might like to, want to,  explore,

find the parts inside of me, that are only raw,

you may seek to find, why always by the moon,

I am captured in awe by its light.


There’s still art in her heart, I heard him say

but her dark parts were not merely vanished away,

the story inside her was never gone away, so in that respect,

darkness would always remain.

She might be scarred with emotional pain,

but who’s to say, It wont be worth it in the end?


There’s still art in my heart I like to think,

when all the other parts of my soul are sinking in,

Falling  into a bottomless hole,

find the way out, find the light, that’s the goal.

N.T.J 01/06/16©