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Go out for a stroll, on my own,

I like nature, it captures my soul,

Get myself lost on a  beautiful day,

the sky has that power, always,

to take my breath away.

Take in what others cannot see,

day or night, either way,

the sun and moon stay, to light the way.

I analyse what’s around,

thoughts popping, at every sound,

I don’t mean to but my thoughts take off,

sprung from the ground, lifted off.

There is so much more out there, than purely what you can see,

after all beauty is more than skin deep.

Its kindness of a random soul,

some one you don’t even know,

a group of friends having fun,

making memories in the sun.

A couple outside a bistro, sharing some food,

see how they are so in love, it puts me in a fantastic mood.

Take in sounds of all that surrounds,

the birds chirping, echoes to me, an enriching sound.