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Picking up my pen,

To write of you once again,

More words I haven’t said,

It’s never quite the end.

Your question, “would I ever like to meet you again?”

My answer always No,

Why would I want to meet you?

Greet you, act like we’re a couple of old friends.

I meant it a year ago when I said we were at our end.

I’m a different person now,

I am not yours,

for a year or more.

I am who I was always meant to be.

I am me.

I am free to be flawed.

I am strong and I don’t need you, want you,

your words will never resonate with me

You don’t belong here you never did,

You seek for me to forgive but the mere memory of you,

Everyday makes me relive,

The dramas the hurt mental & physical pain.

you see now I search for light,

in the abyss, in the void,

in the deepest darkness, that I see.

N.T.J ©